Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Frequently Asked questions about Silver Service Taxi Melbourne and their Answers by Silver Service Customer Support:

Q.1: Why hire Silver Service Taxi Melbourne

Ans: Silver Service Taxi Melbourne is a fresh addition in Melbourne's Taxi Business so we are providing out class traveling / moving service around Melbourne with Normal charges / Fare.

Q.2: Do Silver Service Taxi Melbourne charge any Extra to and from Melbourne's Airports?

Ans: No We don't charge any Extra Fare and you can pay normal charges.

Q.3: Do Silver Service Taxi Melbourne use Government issued Fare Estimation process to charge by the passengers? 

Ans: Yes of course! Silver Service Taxi Melbourne follow "Fare Estimator" issue by Govt.

Q.4: Can Silver Service Taxi Melbourne be hired by Mobile or Phone?

Ans: Yes it's very easy to get "Silver Service Taxi Melbourne" by Mobile Phone. Just Call 0470 678 904 any time.

Q.5: Can I hire Silver Service Taxi through SMS? 

Ans: Yes you can ! Simply type "Need Silver Service Taxi " and send to 0470 678 904. Our representative instantly reply for further details.

Q.6: How can I book "Silver Service Taxi Melbourne" for Scheduled plan to move / transfer?

Ans: You can book Silver Service Taxi online through our website. Visit our website and fill online booking Form and submit to get Taxi at your preferred time.

Q.7: How to get notified after booking silver service taxi online? 

Ans: As soon as your online booking form is submitted successfully, you will receive an email instantly notifying that your information is received. Then in few minutes you will be receiving a call / SMS / email (according to your preference) about booking confirmation.

Q.8: What if I have to change the time to move / travel ? 

Ans: Silver Service Taxi Drivers always give you a call before arrival so you can notify our taxi driver about your new time. No problem at all.

Q.9: Is Silver Service Taxi available any time? 

Ans: Yes Silver Service Taxi available any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q.10: In which areas / suburbs, silver service taxi is available? 

Ans: Silver Service Taxi can be arrived at any suburb around Melbourne city as well as Airport.

For any other question about silver service taxi, please call 0470 678 904 

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